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Multipurpose Service Robot for Nursing Homes

Tildelt: kr 49 999

During the next decaoes, there will be a lack of human resources in health care, especially in nursing homes. Consequently, development of IT and robotics solutions, are cruical, both to comensate for the lack of resources, however, also to be able to offer the patient centered care, which will be the future's nursing home care level. This project is intended develop a competitive applicaiton to the EUROSTARS! Programme, to develop a multipurpose service robot for nursing homes. With the new, unique technology, pretending different personallities, the robot is intended to fill different roles in the nursing home, like entertainer, monitorer, service provider, supervisor; in addition, to adapt its behaviour to the patients mood and degree of dementia. This will lead to a service robot with a strong, multipurpose role, which represents a break-through compared to existing technology.