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DIV-AKT-Diverse aktiviteter hak=DI

Planning & execution of World Conference of Sampling and Blending 10

Tildelt: kr 0,10 mill.




2019 - 2022

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Planning of WCSB10 enjoys availability of an abundance of experience from earlier international conferences https://www.spectroscopyeurope.com/sampling/passing-milestone-successful-wcsb9 as reflected in the membership of the organisational committee. The NFR funding will help significantly to be able to secure optimal efficiency with regards to designing & implementing the various tasks involved in establishing a practical framework for an international conference of the format of WCSB10, see workplan in attached project description. WCSB conferences, held in connection with the International Pierre Gy Sampling Association (IPGSA) following the assocations foundation and rules: https://intsamp.org/ - IPGSA publishes frequently a academic journal "TOS Forum" which is also used as a communication platform for participants of the WCSB-conferences, see here: https://www.impopen.com/tos-forum


DIV-AKT-Diverse aktiviteter hak=DI