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BIOTEK2021-Bioteknologi for verdiskaping

Arr: 1st Norwegian Symposium on Proteomics and Biological Mass Spectrometry

Tildelt: kr 59 999

Our meeting represents the first jointly organised event involving the newly established National network of Advanced Proteomics Infrastructure (NAPI), the Norwegian Proteomics Society (NPS), the Norwegian Society for Mass Spectrometry (NSMS), and the University of Oslo-based Mass Spectrometry Common Laboratory (MSCL). As such, our meeting brings together researchers in Norway from a range of biological disciplines that are connected by a shared focus on mass spectrometry (MS) as an enabling technology in life science. We will have a program featuring excellent national and international speakers, and will provide an overview of the latest research and technological breakthroughs in a range of connected disciplines including proteomics, analytical chemistry, metabolomics, meta-omics, and mass spectrometry imaging. There will also be ample opportunity for informal discussions and networking. The meeting is open to all researchers (including non-experts) who are interested in learning more about the growing capabilities for proteomics and biological mass spectrometry in Norway and beyond.


BIOTEK2021-Bioteknologi for verdiskaping