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LifePot Storage Treatment Horizon EIC Pathfinder Application

Tildelt: kr 0,11 mill.





2022 - 2022


LifePot Storage Treatment, provides electrical treatments for harvested crops in the storage buildings to preserve them for a longer post-harvest lifetime, and preparing the dormant crops for a better growth result in the next planting season, with the least amount of energy consumption. This treatment can be a replacement or a complementary solution to the current methods used in the agricultural storage units. Currently the plants are preserved in energy intensive cooling rooms, or by applying chemicals to inhibit the growth, which is becoming less popular because of the negative health impacts, and being banned by EU governments. Farmers are looking for more energy efficient solutions that wouldn't require the use of chemicals, or spending too much energy. The storage solution is targeting the crop segments that require long-term storage for preserving or dormancy treatment. For example potato, onion, garlic, etc. in food sector, and Amaryllis, Tulip, Lilium, Saffron, etc. in bulb flower industry. These treatments, help the crop owners to preserve the quality of their harvest without spending too much energy or using harmful chemicals. In this project the relationship between the seasonal changes in plants hormones, and temperature will be investigated and compared with the results from the LifePot treatments and the analysis will be based on the tests results performed by the research partners in the farming partners facilities in the one year of the plants lifetime to catch the critical details and the information to compare the natural results with temperature and electrical treatments, to find the balanced pattern and optimum temperature and electrical conditions to lower the risk of failure in the future scaling experiments in the next level.