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KLIMAFORSK-Stort program klima

International Collaboration at the Leading Edge of Ice Sheet Research

Tildelt: kr 0,23 mill.

Current predictions of sea level rise remain uncertain because the future behavior of melting ice sheets is not well understood. In order to equip society with the best forecasts of sea level rise for planning, scientists need to improve the ability to numerically simulate (with computer models) the response of ice sheets to climate change. Improving our ability to forecast the health of ice sheets requires a large and long-lasting, collective effort among ice sheet scientists. One challenge in this collective effort is the very broad range of disciplines required make the most rapid progress in ice-sheet science: the degree of specialization is an obstacle to efficient collaborative work. The purpose of this application is to foster collaboration between Professor Jason Briner, University at Buffalo, USA, and University of Bergen scientists professors Kerim Nisancioglu, John Inge Svendsen and Jan Mangerud (Earth Sciences Department and the Bjerrknes Centre for Climate Research). The collaboration would support intellectual exchange between leading scholars in ice sheet science and education, each of whom are at institutions with internationally-recognized Polar research programs and who bring different perspectives to ice sheet science. The specializations of Briner, Nisancioglu, Svendsen and Mangerud, while overlapping, bring different expertise to ice sheet science. Nisancioglu, an expert in climate dynamics and numerical modeling, Svendsen and Mangerud, experts in Scandinavian Ice Sheet reconstructions and data-model comparison, and Briner, an expert in geology and Greenland Ice Sheet history, will join forces to bridge disciplinary boundaries in order to improve our understanding of Greenland Ice Sheet behavior. This type of international collaboration in ice sheet research is rare, but much needed to make the quickest possible progress on a societal problem with tremendous urgency.


KLIMAFORSK-Stort program klima