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MILUTARENA-Formidlings- og koordineringstiltak knyttet for miljø- og utviklingsforskning

Arctic Frontiers Emerging Leaders 2022

Tildelt: kr 34 999

Emerging Leaders is an early-career and mentoring program in the Arctic for young professionals from the academic, industry and policy sector. The program brings together leaders and mentors, and indigenous, business, and policy representatives, to tell the Arctic stories in an educational journey through Northern Norway. Through training, educational and cultural activities, and the contributions of competent and committed partners, the Emerging Leaders program serves as an international and cross-cultural platform for dialogue and exchange to support the arctic leaders of the future. Arctic environment is one of the most vulnerable regions with impacts from climate change. We have already started observing penetration of Atlantic waters into the Arctic Ocean and causing “Atlantificaiton” and ice-free conditions in summer opening new shipping channels. Again, permafrost thawing releases huge quantities of organic matter, green houses gases and metals ions like mercury, iron etc. All these events may pose huge risk to the environment and biodiversity that may affect the ecosystem services even on a global scale. With Norway’s strategic position in the Arctic circle comes responsibility for sustainable use and management of natural resources with due international cooperation and consensuses from member nations of - The Arctic Council, the Barents Euro-Arctic Council, the Council of Baltic Sea States, just to name a few. This would mean a complicated national, foreign and diplomatic strategy connecting a multi-sectorial stakeholder network sans frontiers. However, with a net population decline in the Arctic circle, there could be potential risk of failure in implementation of these activities. Realizing this, the Norway’s Arctic policy primarily aiming at sustainable socio-economic development beneficial for the Arctic communities with aim to create and promote local job initiatives, value addition and welfare.


MILUTARENA-Formidlings- og koordineringstiltak knyttet for miljø- og utviklingsforskning