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Piezoelectric Driven All-Solid-State Self-Powered Flexible Supercapacitor for Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator

Tildelt: kr 20 000





2022 - 2023



Ionic liquids (ILs), a class of molten salts with low vapor pressure have previously stabilized proteins. ILs are a broad class of compounds most commonly described by their low melting points (<100 °C) and nonvolatility. IL cations (e.g., imidazolium, pyridinium, quaternary ammonium and phosphonium) can be combined with a variety of anions to create a diverse set of compounds with properties that can be further tuned via functionalization of either ion or cation. They are significant solvents in comparison to other solvent due to their unique physicochemical properties such as non-volatile nature, highly solubilizing power, and good ionic conductivity. They are thermodynamically stable solvents and behave as green solvents by reducing the atmospheric pressure. From previous literatures we are motivated to investigate and extend the stabilizing effect of ionic liquids on protein aggregation. We hope to synthesize ionic liquids which in turn will be used to prevent protein aggregation. The main focus of our research proposal is to study the synthesis of novel ionic liquids and their role in protein aggregation. In this context, the emphasis will be towards studying the interaction taking place between protein and ionic liquids and versatile role of ionic liquids in the protein aggregation because ionic liquids (ILs) were employed to increase the protein refolding of denaturized proteins and therefore act as synthetic chaperons. To decipher the role of synthesized ionic liquids in preventing the aggregation of proteins.