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Development of an innovative Bi-Directional MIMO DC/DC Converter for Smart Lampposts, EV Charging and V2G/X Infrastructures

Tildelt: kr 99 999

Accelerating the transition towards decarbonization is essential to tackle global warming. Electric vehicles (EVs) have an enormous influence in the electricity and transport sectors, but high penetration of these technologies will challenge power grids due to the increase in electricity demand by EV’s. Many technologies contribute to grid flexibility – e.g. electrical energy storage (EES). Energy suppliers and users experience increased costs of €65Bn pa. due to unstable grid. Current Eco’s SpotMe IT solutions monitor and control the intersection points between electrical grid and variable loads. As a palpable result of SpotMe, a transportable rapid charging system with ESS will supply quick charging units to EV users while energy suppliers will benefit from Grid Peak Shift and Reduced Grid Strain. Otaski Energy Solutions has developed the INtuitIV Digital Lamppost (IDL) - a smart lamppost capable of hosting streetlights, EV chargers and sensors. Retrofitting street lampposts with V2G/X charging technology has been shown to lead to rapid deployment of EV chargers. However, existing technologies for lamppost V2G/X charging technologies fall short in terms of complexity and sub-optimal energy management. We will design and develop a V2X bi-directional MIMO DC/DC Converter (HW) and expand the existing V2G/X business models. We will also develop novel software for controlling the converter. Combined this will give a SW and HW solution that increases grid reliability, resilience and stability. The initial application will be on smart lampposts/street lighting network to deliver variable load adjustment such as slow-to-fast EV charge, energy storage and load management. Our estimates show 600,000 lamp post sales leading to an anticipated turnover over 5 years of € 1,8 Bn (20% growth pa), incl. additional revenues in maintenance and asset management. Market reports shows a market potential for the combined solution in the smart energy market of 65 Bn € annually.