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Carbon Utilization with Renewable Energy

Tildelt: kr 74 999

NMBU has developed and patented a technology for carbon capture called Carbon Capture in Molten Salts. Together with Kjeller Innovasjon, IFE and SINTEF, NMBU is currently working on a verification project nr. 327524, Carbon Capture in Molten Salts (CCMS): An efficient method for CO2 capture. Goal with this project is to verifiy, throught marked- and tecno-economical analysis, vialibilty for commercialisation of this technology for carbon capture at the emission site. Ongoing marked studies have identified new technical possibilities that are aimed to be reasearched throught the project within the EU call "EIC Pathfinder Challenge: Carbon dioxide and nitrogen management and valorisation". Project idea is based on a novel combination and integration of different processes: concentrated solar plant (CSP), energy storage, direct air capture of CO2 (DAC), electrical power production and valorisation of CO2 to a valuable product. The power produced can be sent to the grid, and it can be combined with a CO2 valorisation process upgrading captured CO2 on-site. Project will further include optimising of molten salts, development of process design and testing of materials for this process to contribute to long term sustainability of such energy and CO2-based material production. Important part of the project will be development of new value chains and new business models with use of renewable energy, utilisation of excess heat in the process and zero-emission production of valuable hydrocarbons.