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Designing an intelligent, digital personalized service for treatment of scoliosis among children and adolescents

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2023 - 2023

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Scoliosis is a multifactorial disorder affecting to 2 to 3% of the general population. In the case of children scoliosis, 63% of children with scoliosis has pain and 23% of them has horrible, excruciating, or distressing pain that is dramatically affecting on their daily life. If you are parent in that kind of situation: What do you do if your child has scoliosis, and she is suddenly asked to wear uncomfortable brace and do physiotherapy treatments every day during her teenage time and physical growing period? There are two key challenges related to the scoliosis treatment. First, key challenge is how to motivate children and adolescents to follow up the treatment plan including usage of brace and to do daily physiotherapy activities according to the plan made by expert team. Second challenge is how to digitalize the highly personalized treatment in a way that it brings value for the expert team, motivates patients and their parents and improve adherence of the treatment. At the moment, in Norway scoliosis patients has highly personalized treatment including 3D printed brace and personalized treatment guidelines. In the current form, the treatment is not, however, digitalized and motivating. The project uses research to bring more insights about the children and adolescents and their parents need and requirements related scoliosis treatment. It will also create new knowledge on what kind of features and design components are needed for the personalized service that includes both personalized physical intelligent brace and digital solution that aims to motivate children and adolescents to conduct their treatment in difficult period of their life. The project will be a coordinated innovation process in between the researchers from department of health science, product design from Oslomet, scoliosis specialists from Norwegian Scoliosis group, Norwegian hospitals and YouWell to meet the needs of parents and children and young people who have or has scoliosis diagnosis.




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