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Ageing in the Arctic - Defining accessibility and challenges with healthy ageing in wintery conditions

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“Ageing in the Arctic” is a multi-disciplinary collaboration between AT Arkitektur and Bodø Kommune that aims to understand how services and urban spaces can be better adapted to the elderly in winter. Bodø has a rapidly ageing demographic, which is predicted to increase health and social care demands by 33% by 2029 (Kommuneplanen, 2020). We aim to lay the knowledge-base to tackle three significant drivers of health and social service demand in the elderly - accidental falls, depression and social isolation. Preventative and sustainable solutions for the wellbeing of an ageing population are essential and lie far beyond the confines of a traditional healthcare sphere. Our core team reflects this, consisting of a general practitioner, architect/urban designers, planners and health service providers. Ensuring generation-friendly spaces in winter is a broad topic concerning multiple disciplines and conditions - some that are out of our control, others not feasible due to tight budgets and lack of staff. The activities in the pre-project will carry out a variety of methods gathering insights from the user group themselves in the conditions in which we are studying. This will enable us to understand the issues to be prioritised, which disciplines need to be involved, and where the greatest impact is likely to be found. The insights will be the foundations for the main project - co-creating solutions with the users and a broad range of stakeholders based on the deep and common understanding of barriers and enablers for the target group in winter. The major R&D challenges lie in the multi-factorial and cross-sectoral nature of accessibility in the elderly. Our literature reviews have found no projects that focus solely on the elderly in winter and knit health and social care data into urban design modelling. The unpredictability of the climate is significant, in as much as our data will be collected in the field via city walks and observations.




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