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Identifying drivers of senescence in Arctic tundra plants using field and PhenoCam observations, RiS ID: 12093

Tildelt: kr 64 831

I propose a study to establish a crucial, yet missing, link between plant senescence observed using manual field methods, and using remote sensing derived vegetation indices. I further aim to identify potential climatic, biogeochemical, and plant physiological drivers of plant senescence in Arctic tundra plants. On a six-week field campaign from mid-August to end-September, I am going to survey species-specific and community-level senescence onset and progression twice per week at permanent vegetation plots in Adventdalen. The vegetation plots are part of the ASMOVEN monitoring programme (RiS ID: 11063). The plots are distributed to cover various common vegetation types along gradients of snowmelt timing, soil moisture and nutrient contents. In addition to manual field observations, I am going to create a timelapse image series throughout the study period at each plot with regular (RGB) cameras using a standardized camera setup. Spectral senescence will later be derived from these images using vegetation indices. Climatic data from on-site data loggers will also be included in the analysis.


SSF-Svalbard Science Forum