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Comparing InSAR and field observations for assessing slope processes in Svalbard, RiS ID 11868

Tildelt: kr 30 999

Mountainous and periglacial areas are affected by a wide range of slope processes leading to ground movement, often which are hard to discriminate from one another based on remote sensing techniques. This project aims to explore the potential of InSAR (Synthetic Aperture Interferometry) to characterise slope processes. Based on their velocities (from mm/yr to m/yr) and timing of displacements, we will investigate how to differentiate periglacial landforms (e.g. active layer detachment slides, solifluction, creeping of scree deposits and rock glaciers) on the surface from deeper deformations also affecting bedrock (e.g. rockslides, deep-seated gravitational slope deformations). To reach this goal, there is a need for field mapping of geomorphology and bedrock structures to compare and validate against InSAR displacement maps.


SSF-Svalbard Science Forum