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Targeting a Svalbox hiatus: Palaeozoic and Beyond (RiS 12108)

Tildelt: kr 78 000

Currently-available Svalbox data mostly cover the Central Spitsbergen Basin, with clear data sparsity north of Pyramiden (“northern hiatus”) and south of Van Keulenfjorden. The "Targeting a Svalbox hiatus: Palaeozoic and Beyond (Svalbox404)" targets the northern hiatus, focusing on the acquisition of imagery data of historical sites, outcrops and landscapes for digital model and virtual field guide purposes. The targeted outcrops are predominantly of Permian through Devonian age, which are thusfar underrepresented in the Svalbox project given their remoteness and inaccessibility. Data acquisition across the less-glaciated corridor spanning Bünsow, Dickson and Andrée Lands thus complements existing data sets both laterally and temporally, and is an important deliverable for the completion of the PIs PhD thesis by summer 2023, delving into the processing and characterisation of the data.


SSF-Svalbard Science Forum