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AAL-Active and Assisted Living Research and Development Programme

Sensing mobility and 4Mvideo E-sport for motivating physical activity forrehabilitation and preventive exercise purpose

Tildelt: kr 0,79 mill.

Physical training is instrumental in hospital outpatient rehabilitation, and daily exercise alleviates the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity etc., increasing the chance of a longer life with a higher quality of life. However, daily training and exercise can be difficult to realize for the elderly who are often associated with a physically inactive lifestyle. Professional care organizations need solutions for physical interventions that can be used effectively by elderly patients at home. Family, friends and other informal career need systems that support social aspects enabling them to participate and motivate their loved ones in rehabilitation efforts and in adapting and maintaining a physically active lifestyle. The elderly citizen needs an affordable and attractive training system that motivates to daily training – often at home, sometimes in a training center – privately, or socially engaged in groups or communities, as needed. The purpose of the Sens4ME project is to provide an ICT based system to advise, motivate and increase options for elderly citizens, for rehabilitation and daily exercise. Improving the health care outcome in the continuity of care between professional care organizations, such as hospitals and physiotherapist clinics, and home.


AAL-Active and Assisted Living Research and Development Programme