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NanOxy Accelerator PES

Tildelt: kr 74 999





2022 - 2023


The overall vision of NanOxy Accelerator project is to optimise our topical hydrogel and trial it in patients, and to commercialise it to healthcare providers across Europe. Oxy Solutions has three patents for the hardware that produces the superoxygenated hydrogel (US11110407B2, US8142550B2, EP2376140B1) and another three for the formulation with nanocellulose microfibrils (WO2021/123773A1, EP3532110A1, CN110035777A). NanOxy is applied directly to the wound as a dressing. It hydrates the wound tissues and provides a stable and elevated supply of dissolved oxygen. The dissolved oxygen stimulates cell division and the development of new vascular tissues and stimulates the immune response and the activity of leucocytes. Elevated oxygen concentrations are also toxic to pathogenic bacterial in the wound. The nanocellulose microfibrils inhibit bacterial proliferation. The hydrogel is applied every 24h. It will be sold in 10ml tubes at €7 each. Chronic wounds can persist for years and frequently become gangrenous and need amputation. NanOxy accelerates healing and fights infection at a fraction of the cost (€200-€400) compared to conventional treatments such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy (€6,000-€12,000). NanOxy has a major market potential compared to current state-of-the-art oxygen therapies for wound care. To increase our commercial success and impact, we have created a Strategic Business Plan, as a detailed roadmap, describing all necessary activities we need to undertake to ensure a successful market introduction. Now, we seek to develop our Commercialisation Plan (CP), which will form an important part of the final Business Innovation Plan (BIP), to be created in this Accelerator project. As the envisaged Accelerator project builds upon a validated prototype technology, most of our efforts will be focused on piloting and commercialisation activities.