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ENERGIX-Stort program energi

THE CHANGE - The Cooling and Heating transition Acceleration via Network Geothermal Energy

Tildelt: kr 1,6 mill.




2023 - 2026

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The proposed project will accelerate the heating and cooling transition by facilitating the development of Geothermal 5 th Generation District Heating and Cooling (Geo5GDHC) systems with climate-neutral shallow geothermal energy resources and will assist in the integration of heating and cooling in local and regional energy systems, Furthermore, the project will also enable resource-efficient and sustainable distribution, storage and utilization of heating and cooling, thus meeting all main objectives of the call. A key impediment to implementation of cost-effective Geo5GDHC systems is the difficulty and excess time required for design engineers to develop workable designs, let alone an optimal design, given the data intensive nature of the process and the many degrees of freedom inherent in the system design. The proposed design tool will facilitate the development of Geo5GDHC networks to play a key role as an integrated part of a 100% renewable energy system by offering high sector-coupling flexibility. The integration between the thermal and the electricity sectors will solve a major techno-economic challenge for power grid operators. At times when the electricity production from renewables is high, storing one MWh of electricity requires 130 times higher investment costs than storing the same amount of excess heat.


ENERGIX-Stort program energi