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Healthy Healthcare: Systemic Interventions to Promote Healthcare Workers Wellbeing and Resilience, Quality of Care and the Organisation.

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Wellbeing and resilience of healthcare workers are crucial in sustaining high quality affordable healthcare. The pandemic laid bare existing and revealed new vulnerabilities of healthcare systems affecting staff wellbeing and cost containment. To address the complex factors affecting the workers, this project proposes the Healthy Healthcare (HHC) approach. HHC is anchored in systems thinking and considers simultaneously balancing three pillars: Worker wellbeing, Quality of care, Organization. This novel approach will overcome shortcomings in existing interventions in healthcare that typically target organizational efficiency or quality of care, with little regard for worker wellbeing. To build an evidence-based model, the HHC-project begins with a systematic review of existing HHC practices in Europe followed by stakeholder interviews (WP1). Then testing the HHC model on multiple change initiatives in seven clinics across the EU . Active cooperation with stakeholders, addressing local challenges, is central in the HHC process. Focus is to foster profound positive impact on worker, patient and organizational outcomes (WP2-4). HHC is developed in an EU network of multidisciplinary researchers and practice-partners, promoting cross-national and transdisciplinary learning, actively cooperating towards sustainable long-term solutions. Project knowledge is directly translated to practice via a learning community that continuously and proactively engages stakeholders and policymakers to facilitate applying the HHC model to improve processes, projects, policies. The learning community facilitates the uptake of the HHC approach locally, nationally, and internationally (WP5&6+all). The Healthy Healthcare project aim for sustainable long-term solutions to recruit and retain a resilient healthy healthcare workforce, while maintaining high quality patient care and cost-effective organization of service across the EU healthcare systems.