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EIC - AI4Factory-Twin

Tildelt: kr 74 999

Together with our assiting consultants, AlienTT, and with the quality support from Innovation Norway we will work to develop all elements of the EIC Accellerato (Full Application). The documents we will develop are these: 1. Proposal with work plan with all work packages bith technical development and business, market and company development 2. Financial information and business pan for realisation of the innovation 3. Pitch deck 4. CVs of key team members 5. FTO analysis 6. Data management plan 7. Letters of intent – crucial for the success of the project 8. A 10 pages maximum annex with any additional relevant information The Annex will carry the following elements: 8.1. Description of the company/facilities 8.2 Quotations from subcontractors (e.g., Technology Partners, System Integrators, etc.) 8.3 Testimonials from early adopters/existing clients/end-users 8.4 Additional images/screenshots of the product 8.5 Charts/results from testing/validation 8.6 Letters from prospect investors