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Ferrite based power generator system for the scaling of floating offshore wind turbines.

Tildelt: kr 99 999




2023 - 2023



EU objectives in wind energy expansion for a net zero scenario by 2050 will require urgent solutions to improve its scalability as the reduction of the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) and available installation space. FOW farms are seen as an alternative, aiming to achieve a capacity in the EU of 10 GW by 2030. SotA (State of the Art) generators incorporate Rare Earth Materials (REE) and own a complex and big CAPEX installation. GE4FOW generator incorporates available and affordable ferrite PM able to be placed below sea level acting as keel/ballast as an efficient FOW approach minimising electromagnetic losses, with a superior conversion efficiency (97%). GE4FOW consortium wants to design and validate the electromagnetic and mechanical system for the development of a direct drive ferrite permanent magnet (PM) generator REE (Rare Earth Elements) free, suitable for innovative concepts such as tilting counter-rotating turbines (CRTs), helping to overcome traditional Floating Offshore (FOW) designs. Simulations of generator efficiency using validated electromagnetic and mechanical FEM scenarios, building of a small-scale prototype for the Mechanical and components integrity test, and developing electrical control algorithms will be demonstrated and validated in GE4FOW. The PES impact for WWW as the project Norwegian actor will entail new know-how on the generator mechanical design and generator power scalability as well as their collaboration on the development of the electromagnetic design together with the Upsala University