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Model based systems engineering integration in digital twin for defence projects.

Tildelt: kr 0,20 mill.

In the defence sector, the design and development of projects traditionally rely on standard Systems Engineering (SE) methodologies, which are often characterized by extensive documentation and inherent error proneness To addressing this issue this project proposes an innovative approach by introducing Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) as a digital alternative, harnessing the capabilities of Digital Twins to enhance defence project development The primary objective of this project is to leverage the use of MBSE to design a Digital Twin to address the limitations of traditional Systems Engineering methods in the defence sector MBSE promotes the use of models as the central artifact for system development, providing a more efficient and error resistant approach compared to the document centric nature of traditional methodologies. By adopting MBSE, defence projects can benefit from improved collaboration, reduced development time, and enhanced decision making capabilities The utilization of Digital Twin technology, which is a virtual replica of physical systems, allows for real time monitoring, simulation, and analysis throughout the project lifecycle This integration enables rapid prototyping, performance optimization, and effective risk management, ultimately leading to better system designs, cost reduction and increased operational effectiveness.