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Geomorphology and process-interaction in previous and present climate as exemplified by Bjørndalen, Svalbard (RiS 12312)

Tildelt: kr 54 999

This M.Sc. thesis project has a primary objective of mapping the geomorphology of Bjørndalen, Svalbard, to contribute to our understanding of this unique Arctic valley system. The research aims to characterize the long-term and short-term geomorphologic processes shaping the valley and analyze how they interact with each other, both historically and in the present climate. The project involves a combination of methods, including remote sensing data, in-situ fieldwork, and the analysis and comparison of historical maps and reports. The project's findings are expected to significantly contribute to our knowledge of Bjørndalen's geomorphology and hazard risk as well as provide valuable data for future research. This research aims to address the existing data gaps in the region, enhancing our understanding of the dynamic Arctic landscape and possible geohazards.


SSF-Svalbard Science Forum