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Drone-based and ground-Magnetic Archeological studies in Svalbard (MAS)

Tildelt: kr 74 999

Within the framework of one internally funded project coupled with an AFG (Arctic field grant), Archephysics project initiated in 2022 to monitor archeological sites at Russekeila, Svalbard. In close collaborations with University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS) and Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU) and using ground penetrating radar (GPR) data, cultural heritage (CH) objects at the two archeological sites at Russekeila were mapped. The following challenges were identified during 2022 AFG project (Archephysics) which we aim to address in MAS: Results from ground-geophysical investigations were somewhat affected by undulation effects from rocky topography, (ii) CH items might be susceptible to damages from instrument contacts, (iii) Un-explored CH objects may exist and denser data from larger areas are required to map those, (iv) conducting ground-based measurements at very steep surfaces, e.g., erosion interface at coast was impossible; CH objects were observed there and these interfaces can be easily mapped using drones, (v) the neighboring Kapp Mineral area, with installments dating back to 1922 may host un-explored CH potential, which its proximity to Russekeila makes it possible to be mapped during the same field campaign. This site is also interesting from the perspective that it hosts epigenetic ores including the Zn-Pb mineralisations and is often associated with breccias and deformation zones, a pattern that could be mapped using drone-magnetic data. Successful and timely application of combined ground magnetic susceptibility and Drone-magnetic methods will help to (i) complete our knowledge about known and unknown historical objects before they completely disappear due to the natural hazards such as coastal erosion, landslides, or human activities and (ii) provide important information about the potentially interesting CH objects and geophysical anomalies related to ore occurrences at Kapp Mineral, which are under-explored.


SSF-Svalbard Science Forum