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Particulate matter in glacier fed rivers

Tildelt: kr 39 999

The aim of this project is a extensive study of particulate matter released into the rivers from the glacier systems and entering the Kongsfjorden system in Ny-Ålesund. Both particulate matter and river water will be collected at the outlet from the glaciers main melting channel as well as in the rivers close to river moth areas. Analysis will include elemental composition, inorganic and organic carbon. The impact of particulate matter on dissolved fractions on micronutrients will be studied by combining in-field measurements of turbidity and conductivity with laboratory measurements of main anions by ion-chromatography and main cations and trace elements from ICP-MS measurements in filtered samples. To study potential effects of climate changes on stability of the particulate matter, laboratory leakage studies of particulate matter will be studied by changing conditions of pH and organic carbon. The planned systems to study are Bayelva both from Austre and Vestre Brøggerbreene, Wexelva from Lovénbreane system, and melting water from Pedersenbreen.


SSF-Svalbard Science Forum

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