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SSF-Svalbard Science Forum

The geomorphic signature of ancient ice shelves in Isfjorden, Spitsbergen, RiS ID12367

Tildelt: kr 57 999

This research project aims to explore the historical presence of ice shelves along Isfjorden, Svalbard, and their impact on regional and global climate systems. It plans to investigate unexplored topographies that indicate to reveal the interaction between an ice shelf with an ice-free coast during the last glacial period. The study involves sedimentological and stratigraphic surveys to identify ice shelf moraines and understand past environmental conditions, using radiocarbon dating to track possible ice shelf dynamics since the Last Glacial Maximum. Ground-penetrating radar and UAV photogrammetry will be used to examine moraines and create high-resolution digital surface models. The project aims to provide a detailed understanding of ice-advance and retreat dynamics in Svalbard. These findings are important for enhancing our understanding ice sheet stability and collapse during climate warming, with implications for contemporary climate and sea-level rise studies.


SSF-Svalbard Science Forum