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SSF-Svalbard Science Forum

Insulate: Belowground Biotic Insulation of Permafrost (RiS ID 12331)

Tildelt: kr 70 999

Within the overarching INSULATE initiative (RiS ID 12331), the "Belowground Biotic Insulation of Permafrost" project delves into the intricate dynamics of local soil properties, seeking to unravel their profound impact on permafrost stability. This focused research addresses crucial gaps in our understanding of the interplay between aboveground and belowground factors influencing permafrost resilience ("insulation by the ecosystem"). By specifically examining the poorly understood role of belowground structural properties, the project aims to elucidate essential mechanisms shaping permafrost sensitivity in the context of rapid climate warming. This includes assessing properties such as: organic matter content, root traits, fungal biomass and other organic soil properties. Activities include setting up monitoring plots at borehole locations in late May/early June 2024, installing data loggers for detailed abiotic condition insights, and conducting regular field visits throughout the summer. The project also supports lab analyses of soil aggregation through aggregate stability tests.


SSF-Svalbard Science Forum