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INNOFFARENA-Innovasjonsarena for stat og kommune

PASG 2024 OSLO: Promoting the child´s best interests

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2024 - 2024



PASG Norway is a non-profit voluntary organization aiming to building and disseminating knowledge about parental alienation and how children can be negatively influenced to distance themselves from a parent for no real reason, especially in connection with conflict between parents after a break-up. The phenomenon can be understood as a complex form of family violence. The association is organizing the conference "PASG 2024: Promoting the child's best interests" in Oslo in September 2024. Through the exploration of different care situations, the conference wants to shed light on the complex challenges children face when parents separate, particularly with a focus on the phenomenon of parental alienation. The conference will also address legal, psychological and social aspects related to parental alienation, and how society as a whole can contribute to supporting children in such situations. PASG Norway collaborates with the Parental Alienation Study Group (PASG). PASG is an international organization that promotes three interwoven goals of 1) supporting research into the causes, manifestations, identification and interventions for parental alienation; 2) providing training to healthcare professionals, legal professionals, decision makers and parents and grandparents who experience alienation; and 3) counter widespread misinformation on this subject. Through the sharing of research, experiences and best practices, the conference seeks to promote a deeper understanding of how children are affected when they are deprived of their relationship with one of their parents after a divorce.


INNOFFARENA-Innovasjonsarena for stat og kommune