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Development of a High Temperature downhole convertible coring and drilling system for a Geothermal drilling application.

Tildelt: kr 99 999





2024 - 2024



The general project description is to develop and test a High Temperature system for a Geothermal well drilling application that allows drilling and selective coring without tripping, and which further includes controlling and adjusting the inclination of the wellbore by downhole adjustment of a 2D directional steerable system, including sensors, measurement, and two-way transmission of key directional parameters. The real-time, two-way communication with the ICS/LWC and surface is achieved with an MWD tool which is placed on top of the entire CoreAll system. Essentially, this MWD system generates power from a mud driven turbine/alternator, and includes the pulsing to surface, as well as receiving downlinks to switch CoDril™ operating modes. CoreAll is currently using a MWD system which has a temperature limitation of 150 C, which is standard for MWD tools. By integration with the Hephae High Temperature MWD tool, which is part of this project, the operational envelope for the CoreAll Intelligent Coring System will be significantly extended, from 150 C to 210 C. This opens for using the advanced Intelligent Coring System and CoDril™ downhole convertible drill bit in intervals of Geothermal well drilling that extends much deeper and at temperatures much higher than the existing technology. A key component of the project is the Hephae high temperature MWD system. This will developed in cooperation with Rockatek. Rockatek will develop a high temperature turbine, which will be used as a key component in the Hephae high temperature MWD. A new CoDril™ downhole convertible bit and CoDril™ hydraulic lifting tool need to be developed, to increase the temperature range from 150 C to 210 C. This includes both electronic and mechanical redesign with new high temperature components.