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IKTPLUSS-IKT og digital innovasjon

6th International Conference on Innovation in Art Research and Technology

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2024 - 2024

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InART is recognized as one of the main conference series in the field of Heritage Science and since its first edition in 2013 (Evora, Portugal) it mainly focused on the contribution of natural sciences to the field. A major change occurred after the COVID-19 pandemic, when a greater number of researchers from different branches of heritage science participated in InART 2022 (Paris, France). InART is an open platform for knowledge-sharing among professionals in the field of Heritage Science, including conservation. These aspects are covered by the main conference topics: • Development of new tools (devices, technology, software, etc.), advanced data analysis and FAIR data management • Development and/or implementation of new methods and routines (diagnostic and conservation) for the understanding of heritage materials, techniques, and degradation processes (chemical, physical and biological) • Development, testing (includes mechanical testing), and characterization of new materials for conservation (special attention to green conservation treatments) • Application of non-invasive/non-destructive techniques • Preventive conservation: environmental monitoring techniques and climate/microclimate effects on the conservation of heritage sites and exposed objects. Heritage science is a highly multidisciplinary research field. Consequently, topics covered during the InArt2024 conference can be approached from different points of view and the conference aims to merge natural sciences and conservation, providing a dynamic space for active interaction, scientific exchange, and debates on the central issues of heritage science research. InART2024 welcomes contributors from diverse fields to join and create an interdisciplinary discussion about cultural heritage conservation within the fields of archaeological objects, artworks, built heritage, etc.


IKTPLUSS-IKT og digital innovasjon