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Seamless User-oriented semantic InTeroperable smartgrid-ready buildings

Tildelt: kr 0,12 mill.




2024 - 2024


SUIT develops and demonstrates innovative solutions that enable and increase the potential of buildings on individual scale, within energy communities, and aggregated over distributed locations to provide services that contribute to the overall energy grid robustness. Building upon contemporary off-shelf tools (i) enhance available digitization and data exchange tools (data spaces, SAREF) to improve the seamless integration of buildings with energy carriers (grid infrastructure, district heating networks), EV charging infrastructure, and non-energy services; (ii) advance energy optimization algorithms to account for net grid enabling services; (iii) demonstrate the suitability and economic and societal benefits through 5 pilot cases which encompass a representative characteristics of the various European market realities; and (iv) empower and motivate end-users to take part in a co-creation process in a living lab environment and adopt the technological advances. Translate emergent technological advances into coherent and integrated building solutions and implement these within 5 pilots that provide living lab infrastructures which allows to test and demonstrate the value of newly introduced innovative tools over a comprehensive set of market conditions that echo the conditions across Europe. The operational tools are translated to simulation tools to indicate the smart grid readiness of a building and suggest optimal design improvements for new buildings and retrofitting existing ones, considering physics based modelling and generative AI technology. End-user engagement and empowerment throughout the local value chain is assured through a Quintuple Helix based innovation ecosystem considering knowledge circulation among the partners in a Quadruple Helix environment. This approach will be combined with co-design, co-development and embracing technological advances to persist trustworthiness to end-uses (a.o. explainable AI).