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New power electronic system based on solid state transformer technology for medium voltage operating vessels

Tildelt: kr 0,44 mill.




2024 - 2024


The overall objective of this project is to design, develop, digitally demonstrate, and implement highly efficient innovative power electronics system, i.e., solid-state transformer (SST) in relevant environment that enables efficient integration of renewables and energy storage devices. The technology also helps to minimize weight and volume in comparison to its counterpart technology, i.e., line frequency transformer with additional features in form of enhanced power quality, efficient integration of energy storage devices and renewables, smart control and management of resources. The three stage type of SST enables the availability of both medium voltage and low voltage DC-links, which makes it easier to use medium voltage DC for distribution that enhances efficiency and space savings to its counter AC and low voltage DC based distribution. The project aims to develop a complete and fully functional DC microgrid for ships that include both hardware, digital twin and a smart management and control system . Through a development phase, onshore testing in power outputs from 100 kW up to 1 MW in the Energy house test centre to a full-scale pilot in the > 5000 GT “RV Northstar ” vessel, we will reach TLR-8 and be ready to commercialize both the system as a whole as well as its constituent sub-components and services. By bringing in partners from the full value chain we expect to arrive at a complete, validated and close to commercially deployable system, where designs for cruise ships, ferries and offshore vessels will be developed and marketed shortly after project completion.



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