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EU Horizon Eurostars Application for Aviant

Tildelt: kr 99 999

The initial phase of Aviant's application development involves conducting thorough market research to identify potential project partners who are a strategic match. To upgrade our current drone platform to SAIL-III, we are specifically interested in partners specializing in (1) drone propulsion systems, (2) parachute systems, and (3) live air traffic data systems. Next, Aviant will carry out discussions and negotiations with these partners to establish a collaborative agreement. Following this, Aviant will take the lead in drafting the application. This includes outlining the project scope, assigning roles and responsibilities, gathering information from the project partners, analyzing the potential market opportunities, and writing all the documentation and appendices. Once a preliminary version is ready, the next step involves Aviant engaging a consultancy firm to review the materials. Finally, Aviant will organize project meetings to complete the application, ensuring that it reflects the consortium's collective interests and objectives.