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Muzziball - Innovation that makes you want to move

Tildelt: kr 49 999




2024 - 2024



We are in the development phase of an innovative health-tech product, which solves for the main global problems being: 1. Inactivity 2. Physical/Mental Challenges and 3.Screen Addiction. Our product is a sensory ball, which intuitively stimulates movement of the user through shape, sound and light by using the latest technology and personalised content. The target market is Norway and the EU, with the target group being the B2B healthcare market and institutions, such as hospitals, specialised clinics, elderly homes, specialised schools etc. Our product is an innovative aid for people with various conditions such as autism, dementia, down syndrome and all other forms of physical/mental conditions, which makes people want to move, allowing for recreation, rehabilitation, independent use and overall wellbeing. In order to reach commercialisation in the European healthcare market with an innovative tech product, it is crucial to upgrade the business model and the commercial plan to be clearly defined by the target market specifics and complexities. In order to adequately answer to those specifics it is equally important to find the right partners and investors throughout the EU to build an international network of industry experts and collaborators. As our core team consists of two female leaders, another objective is to work with female mentors for guidance and the strengthening of the sales strategy and its successful execution. By successfully achieving the set project objectives we aim to overcome challenges of an ineffective international business model, prolonged bureaucratic/procurement procedures in healthcare, insufficient EU network base and collaborators.