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Development of high-fidelity MVP of AI driven robotic furniture to be piloted in realistic environment with pilot clients.

Tildelt: kr 49 999




2024 - 2025


The project aims to develop a high-fidelity MVP of robotic furniture designed to optimize urban living spaces and enhance life quality. This initiative merges advanced robotics and AI with practical design to address space efficiency in densely populated areas. Key R&D challenges include integrating robotics and AI to create adaptable furniture systems, ensuring safety through rigorous testing and third-party certifications, and applying real-world feedback to refine functionality. The project involves significant technical and regulatory hurdles in engineering consumer-friendly, safe, and responsive furniture. Starting December 2024, a three-month pilot phase with selected Norwegian businesses will test the product's real-world application and collect operational data. Feedback from end-users will be gathered through qualitative interviews, informing iterative improvements to enhance design and functionality. This project leverages existing scientific, technical, and business knowledge in innovative ways, aiming to develop a unique product that sets new industry standards. It is characterized as experimental development, pushing technological boundaries in furniture design. By February 2025, feedback and pilot data will be used to finalize a market-ready product, ensuring it meets user needs for functionality and aesthetics. This initiative represents a pioneering effort to transform urban living, combining experimental development with practical application to create sustainable and adaptable living solutions.