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H20-TPT-Smart, green and integrated transport

Coordinating and synchronising multimodal transport improving road, rail, water and air transport through increased automation and user involvement

The long-term vision of the ORCHESTRA is a future where it is easy to coordinate and synchronise the traffic management of all modes to cope with diverse demands and situations. Also, to facilitate optimal utilisation of transport networks and efficient multimodal transport services, both in rura...

Awarded: NOK 23.2 mill.

Project Period: 2021-2024

Location: Innlandet og 5 andre

H20-TPT-Smart, green and integrated transport

All Weather Autonomous Real logistics operations and Demonstrations

Connected and automated vehicles can be seen as a revolution in the global automotive industry, bringing a new mobility paradigm and having a huge impact on several economic sectors such as logistics industry. Significant progress has been made in the field of autonomous truck driving with numero...

Awarded: NOK 13.8 mill.

Project Period: 2021-2023

Location: Viken og 3 andre