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RENERGI-Fremtidens rene energisystemer

Power Generation with CO2 capture

Awarded: NOK 32.9 mill.

The SIP aim is the needs for better understanding of carbon capture processes and their integration with thermal power generation systems. <h>- Task A: High temperature C02 separation. C02 selective inorganic membranes, basic membrane transport and separ ation mechanisms in various C02 containing gas mixtures at elevated temperatures. Preparing C02 chemisorbents for selectively removing C02, and C02 sorption on chosen materials. <h>- Task B: Improved absorption processes for C02 from natural gas fired po wer plants. Develop new absorbents for C02 capture whit higher efficiency. Uses of molecular modelling and chemical evaluation, testing of inorganic chemicals. <h>- Task C: Pressurised combustion of enriched fuels that includes studies on various aspects of natural gas, fuel and combustion. Most capturing techniques include enriched fuels (H/O/N and H20) that are rather unusual and for which the properties are not we ll understood. Methods will be experimental characterisation of fuel and combustion, inc orporating these results in mathematical models that are used in CFD-simulations. <h>- Task D: Power cycles with carbon capture that involve theoretical and experimental efforts on carbon capturing principles and processes including hybrid solutions for compounding of efficient power cycles with low impact on emissions. Systems analysis and integration techniques with advanced computation tools for assessment of overall energy efficiency.

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RENERGI-Fremtidens rene energisystemer