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CLIMIT-Forskning, utvikling og demo av CO2-håndtering

CO2 Management Technologies for Future Power Generation - BIGCO2

Awarded: NOK 17.0 mill.

BIGCO2 encompasses the whole chain of activities needed to make available large scale Carbon management. The most significant cost reduction potential can be found in the capture step but significant reductions can also be achieved in the transport and st orage elements if truly integrated concepts are pursued. Five Sub Projects (SP) constitute BIGCO2, these are: SP1:Novel power cycles and their integration with capture technologies and transport. The work will include operability studies and benchmarking of candidate technologies, and include the economic metrics of such plants with the entire CO2 chain. Two Ph.D. and 2 PostDoc studies are included. SP2: Capture technologies will include combustion-related technologies, post combustion scrubbing and memb rane-based technologies.True innovative R&D is addressed in this sub project. A total of 5 PhD studies and 1 PostDoc position are embedded in SP2. SP3: Transport will mainly address the operational aspects of pipeline and ship transport and the thermodyn amic transport properties. One PhD study is embedded within thermodynamics of CO2 in presence with impurities. SP4: Storage and usage of CO2, important issues are leakages which may call for a legal assessment and pre-normative actions. Further knowledge on safety and verification issues of aquifers will be included. Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) constitues an equally important part being the option of creating values of the captured CO2. An option for using the CO2 to substitute methane entrained in the c oal structure will be subjected to further scrutiny – mainly in the context of Spitsbergen. Under SP4 2 Ph.D. theses will be conducted. SP5 constitutes the management of the project including dissemination, conferences and governing meetings. Three separa te work packagesare defined: one covering emerging technologies termed breakthrough concepts, and further international co-operationand and the Action Plan giving policy guidelines for this topic in Norway.

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CLIMIT-Forskning, utvikling og demo av CO2-håndtering

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