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NA - Preparation of a large Petromaks project: Investigation of Hydrate Plugging and Non-Plugging Properties of Oils

Awarded: NOK 80,000

For 2006 we have received funding from the DeepStar consortium in Houston for a smaller project. That project is a cooperation between three partners: 1. The Ugelstad Laboratory, NTNU, 2. Colorado School of Mines, USA, 3. Institut Francais du Petrole (IFP ), France. However, we want to iniate a larger program with both R&D and education of PhD's. This project will be applied to the Petromaks program in 2006. In order to prepare the application we need to have extensive travelling both to France and USA. T his project establishment is a direct follow up of the Norway - North America Petroleum Research Workshop and Round Table, Washington DC, USA, November 2, 2005. The spirit from the meeting was to further strengthen the scientific and technological coopera tion with North-America. The intended project will be place under the proposed Center of Research-based Innovation (CRI), FACE. FACE is an acronym for Flow Assurance Innovation Centre, and consists of Sintef, Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) and NT NU. The concept of FACE is an interdisciplinary research approach to understand the behaviour of complex fluids. This is achieved by linking and coordinating the work on characterisation, direct modelling of rheology, fluid flow modelling and flow loop ex periments. All these aspects will be of high importance for the understanding of transportable hydrate slurries. The establishment of FACE will therefore increase the succes factor of the intended hydrate project.

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