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GASSMAKS-Økt verdiskaping fra naturgass

Improved Process Design And Operation Of Natural Gas Conversion Technologies

Awarded: NOK 4.7 mill.

In this project there is a methodological part and an application part. The applications are real processes associated with natural gas conversion technologies. A new method, described in [1] and [2] of the attached list of references, will be further dev eloped and applied on the selected processes. A model representing the chemical and physical phenomena is the basis for the design. The model represents the rates of the phenomena taking place. The design engineer will focus on formulating the model and t he assumptions on which the design is based on. Based on this model, a composite model with design functions representing distribution of mixing regimes, heat transfer area, extra feeds, coolant temperature etc along the reactor path is subject to optimiz ation. An objective function such as the space time yield or space time energy yield or something similar is maximized with respect to the design functions and total available volume and heat transfer area. Design and operation are very interlinked so the analysis with respect to operability and safety of new designs will be considered. The proposed method will be integrated with existing tools and methods in order to have a complete toolbox for process design and analysis. The toolbox will be applied to improve existing process technologies on natural gas reforming, methanol synthesis, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, methanol to olefins and polyolefin processes. It is shown that the method along with kinetic models is applicable on real processes [2]. Design improvements of existing technologies are thus expected. We will have focus on real processes and apply solutions that are best suited for the problem at hand. The work in this project will be managed and performed in strong interaction with the other GA SSMAKS projects, especially at the Dept of Chemical Engineering. A steering committee for the PhD candidates will be established with members from other GASSMAKS projects, as well as from industry.

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GASSMAKS-Økt verdiskaping fra naturgass