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KLINISK-Klinisk forskning

The Prescription Peer Academic Detailing (Rx-PAD) study. A cluster-randomized educational intervention to improve GPs' prescription practice

Awarded: NOK 4.3 mill.

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2008 - 2013

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The study will be employed as a cluster randomized study targeting 80 general practice (GP) continuous medical education (CME) groups (about 500 GPs) which will be randomized to recieve one out of two interventions - being controls for the other. Furtherm ore, an extended control group comprised by specialists in general practice not participating in the study will be included based on data from the Norwegian Prescription Database (NorPD). The interventions [safer prescribing practice for elderly patients or more rational use of antibiotics for respiratory tract infections (RTIs)], will in sum represent a "clinical theme course" for the participants. A group of 26 prescription peer academic detailers (Rx-PADs) will be trained, 13 for each intervention, and they will visit each CME group three times: first, to introduce the study including a tutorial about the theme and teaching the CPs how to capture data from own electronic patient records (EPRs) by means of a tailored software. Before next session, each GP will recieve a personal report showing their own prescribing profile for the previous year in relation to the theme. The report will be based on the captured data linked to corresponding data from NorPD. The participants' reports will be discussed in a structured way during the second session. Shortly thereafter there will be a one day course/workshop including more details regarding the theme. After one year, a second data capture followed by a new personal prescription report and a third CME group se ssion will take place reflecting on obtained changes. By May 2007, the intevention study is almost completed with enthusiastic compliance by participating GPs. Wheras the intervention was funded by Norwegian Medical Association and Ministry of health, no funding exists for the scientific evaluation. Autumn 2007, a reserch database will be established to enable scientific evaluation of the interventions. This application is for 2 (out of 3 planned) PhD-candidates.

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KLINISK-Klinisk forskning