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VAM-Velferd, arbeid og migrasjon

Public Policy and the Labour Market Attachment of Different Households

Awarded: NOK 9.5 mill.

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2009 - 2014

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Our main overall goal is to explain what triggers and hinders labour market attachment for different types of households. We will do this on different levels: Firstly; we will conduct a political processes analysis to shed light on how public goals relate d to welfare and family policies are formed. In which ways do new complex family units challenge the welfare policy based on two-income households and gender equality? Secondly, we will analyse the impacts of the realised policies, measured by two importa nt examples of public family policies: subsidized child care costs and paid parental leave. Thirdly, to understand the variety in labour market attachment and the interplay between division of labour in the market and in the domestic sphere, we must go i nto the households: We do this in to ways; i) we will analyse the relationship between the relative distribution of household work and performance in the labour market, and ii) we will especially for immigrant household we will look more deeply into impo rtance of household characteristics that we think are especially important to emphasise for this group. For example how important is health, the household composition, number and distribution of children for immigrant households? attachment to the labour market? This section will explicitly combine quantitative and qualitative research. Interviews with different types of households will deepen and broaden the the understanding of mechanisms behind the pattern we observe in the quantitative studies. Lastly , to understand more of the diversity in labour market attachment between different groups and different types of households, we must look at other explanatory factors as well. Changing labour market conditions are one such factor. Reorganisations in the labour market, measured by plant downsizing, can be painful for those that are exposed to them. In this project we will analyse the effect of such events on both native and immigrant households.

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VAM-Velferd, arbeid og migrasjon