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A semester at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Awarded: NOK 35,000

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2011 - 2011

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Dear members of the program-committee. I hereby announce my sincere interest and intention to apply for the E.ON Ruhrgas scholarship. The reason I particularly chose to study in Münich is first and foremost related to the fact that the university there h ave a good reputation in the academic community regarding their business related subjects as well as their social economy subjects. In addition to that Münich is an economical centre where large multinational companies such as Siemens, BMW and Allianz hav e offices. The diversity in the local businesses is considerable and this will provide me with a special opportunity to learn more about the German organizational structure through school organized visits to some of the larger and smaller local businesses and offices. After previously spending six months in Berlin I will also be able to get better acquainted with Bavarian people and their culture. By studying at the University in München I wish to obtain a wider economic understanding in a new teaching e nvironment and new surroundings. I primarily want to attend courses relating to macroeconomic subjects as I consider it of great interest how a large open economy adjusts to markets and especially how the German economy have met the challenges they have e xperienced in the wake of the recent financial crisis and subsequent cuts in public spending.