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Flying Foil - Elektriske og energieffektive hurtigbåter

Alternative title: Flying Foil - Energy efficient transport at sea

Awarded: NOK 4.8 mill.

Flying Foil develops energy efficient, electric high-speed vessels, based on research on hydrofoil technology from the Department of Marine Technology at NTNU. The result of the technology is a 45% reduction in energy consumption compared to the most efficient vessels on the market today. This reduces CO2 emissions and costs associated with operating the boat. CAPEX related to engine and energy storage will also be reduced by 45% as a direct result of lower energy requirements. With Flying Foil's technology, batteries can be used as energy storage on routes up to 80% longer than possible with battery operation today. In addition to the economic benefits, technology can also provide clear advantages in the competition for future tenders, as environmental demands will count strongly from 2022. The product is suitable for expansion to markets other than public transport such as. work boats for offshore wind farms. We have close contact with industry and potential customers, but need to demonstrate the concept of a physical prototype. This is based on specific demands from industry players and potential investors. The project described in this application will do just that, and in addition, start upscaling the technology so that the first full-scale boat can be built by 2022.

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