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KVAL: Smart Ice Detection Warning Service

Alternative title: Smart isdeteksjon med varslingstjeneste

Awarded: NOK 0.45 mill.

Project Number:


Project Period:

2021 - 2021

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SIDEWISE (Smart Ice Detection Warning Service for Eldrely) has verified that a combination of sensors and software can detect black ice or sub-cooled rain on streets, sidewalks, urban environments, and more. This enables the development of a new demand-driven prediction and monitoring services for various players on the status of municipalities' infrastructure (squares, streets, roads and sidewalks), public buildings (old people's homes, hospitals, etc.) and housing/-complexes. The need was originally aimed at providing a safe environment for the elderly, but the project has also revealed a need on a more general basis. Market discussions have revealed several complimenting needs such as follow-up and operation of streets, roads, footpaths and public spaces by the public and private contractors. Stops for buses and stations are e.g. areas that can often be slippery. New sensory technology combined with advanced programming (AI / ML), can warn of slippery areas, on roads, sidewalks, entrances, stops and public spaces. In addition, new services will be able to streamline the operation of infrastructure such as when and where areas where people and vehicles travel should be sprinkled with sand or salt. The utility value of society for the project's opportunities is great. Residents will be able to have a significantly better quality of life (Social welfare) by being able to get information about outdoor conditions. The number of fall accidents can be reduced with a corresponding reduction in public costs. Municipalities and contractors can deliver better quality services that aim to ensure accessibility for private cars, buses and commercial vehicles, while at the same time reducing costs. In other words, SIDEWISE is well positioned within the megatrend Smart Societies, and it is planned that the project will be continued in order to productize the technology and data solutions.

Prototype som består av sensorikk og programvare er verifisert, og fremtidig produkt (sensorikk) er velegnet til å kobles inn i eksisterende og dagens lyktestolper. Aktører innenfor dette markedssegmentet - både kommuner med sine smarte samfunn satsinger og leverandører av intelligente gate/veibelysning har signalisert stor interesse og iver i å samarbeide med prosjektet. Dialog med markedsaktører har avdekket andre komplimenterende muligheter. Vedlikehold og drift av motorveier, gater, veier, gågater og torg hvor kjøretøyer kan utrustes med sensorikk er et nytt segment. Andre nye segmenter er kollektivtrafikken, eiendomsutviklere og eiendomsdriftere. Dette er aktører som alle er opptatt av å ivareta trygghet og sikkerhet alle dere brukere på ene siden og effektivisering av drift på andre siden.