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KVAL: SPOT-ON – Monitoring system for animal production

Alternative title: SPOT-ON - Overvåkingssystem for dyreproduksjon

Awarded: NOK 0.50 mill.

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Project Period:

2021 - 2022

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Our researchers at NMBU Marianne Oropeza-Moe and Tore Framstad got support last year from from the Norwegian Research Council for their project SPOT-ON. In collaboration with Inventas they have developed and tested a new and non-invasive device for farrowing prediction and infectious diseases control in farm pigs. This novel technology is patented in Sweden and will improve the animal production market by improving animal wellbeing and farmer awareness. Novel digital solutions for a more sustainable farming #innovation #foodindustry #farming #pigs #lifesciences #technology #scienceandtechnology #research #university #quality #medicine #veterinary #products #infectiousdiseases #marketing

Our main goal in this project was to test whether a device mounted in the pigs´ ears could measure temperature and predict parturition as accurately as infrared cameras. We unfortunately didn't reach our objective since the testing went wrong and it was necessary more investment to perform further testing. However, the project allowed for further funding (100.000 NOK from NMBU) that will be used for the further testing necessary at this point. One of the milestones was the construction of a functional prototype, and this was achieved and will be used for further testing. This prototype is the MVP that will be presented to possible partners for further collaboration. We plan to introduce it as a medical device and not just as a monitoring device, something we have observed will benefit the project and the business model.

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