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PLasticizers, Additives, miCroplastics in sEawater in SvalBard ArchipealgO (RIS ID: 11842)

Awarded: NOK 70,288

Microplastics (> 100 µm - MPs) have been analysed in several studies while small microplastics (< 100 µm - SMPs), additives and plasticizers (APs) presence in the seawater of the Svalbard has not yet been investigated in detail. Surface and bottom samples will be collected along the Kongsfjorden and near Ossian Sarsfjellet. At each sampling point the aim is to investigate the different inputs of surface water, deep-sea currents, glacier and sea ice melting. Fieldwork activities will be carried out on the MS-Teisten small research vessel, from the end of July to the first part of September 2022, when the sea ice will be completely melted and the bad sea condition reduced. Samples will be oleo-extracted at the Dirigible Italia Arctic station laboratories and finally filtered and analysed at the CNR-ISP laboratories. Results on quantities, chemical composition, and properties of SMPs and APs will be investigated to better improve the knowledge and behaviour of these emerging pollutants in the seawater in the Arctic.

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SSF-Svalbard Science Forum