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Verifying LINE-sensors for coastal surveillance and reserve navigation

Alternative title: Verifisering av sensoren LINE for kystovervåking og reservenavigasjon

Awarded: NOK 5.0 mill.

For over a decade, FFI-projects have been developing and testing the “LINE” concept, consisting of light equipment for detection, geolocation, and recognition of civil navigation radars used by maritime vessels. We see a significant potential for commercialisation of the equipment, methods and software developed as part of these projects and believe the technology will find application in a range of products across large markets, especially for coastal surveillance by land-based sensors. Another and even more profitable application could be as reserve navigation for large ships, where accidents can be caused by disturbances in satellite-based navigation. Other applications using LINE-based sensors can involve observation by sensors mounted on maritime vessel, aircraft, and drones.

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