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KVAL: MADS – Multiphase Abscess Drainage System

Alternative title: MADS - Et innovativt abscess dreneringssystem

Awarded: NOK 0.50 mill.

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Project Period:

2022 - 2023

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Abscesses are a common medical condition in both human and veterinary medicine caused by bacterial infections, trauma or post operatively. The current treatment of abscesses is rinsing and drainage, but this process can take long time and many patients soon have a relapse. After years of experience in the area, the researcher Sverre Nesvåg and the physician Tore Tholfsen, both associated to the Stavanger University Hospital (SUS), have come up with a new type of catheter for abscess drainage. This catheter combines knowledge from medicine and oil & gas, offers an easy way to automate abscess drainage processes, to reduce the need and time for hospitalisation. The solution has got a patent approved in Europe, and thanks to this qualification project the first part of the catheter has been built and tested with promising results.

This project has allowed to clarify technical aspects that the solution must include in order to work effectively. This includes also parts and materials suitable for a good result. The solution was tested in silicon models and is ready now to be tested in real models. We consider that testing directly in humans is the right approach, and we are studying the options for the next fase. An important outcomes is that this project set a positive pillar for starting a spin-off company. The creation is in process, expected to be ready before summer 2023. The company will continue the development and will work deeper in market and business development together with Validé. The project has also helped to clarify the next steps, including what needs to be improved from the technical level and who and where are the actors that can revolt around this type of technology and its distribution.

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