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KVAL: New biomarker for predicting relapse in ulcerative colitis patients

Awarded: NOK 0.50 mill.

With this proposal, we have an opportunity to change the way ulcerative colitis (UC) is managed and potentially improve the lives of a significant part of UC patients. UC is a chronic autoimmune disorder affecting the colon, characterized by alternating periods of remission and relapse. Disease flares occur in a random way and are currently unpredictable. However, we have found a novel prognostic biomarker that can identify patients with a high risk of relapsing, enabling clinicians to escalate treatment before the onset of symptoms and keep patients in remission. As there currently is no single biomarker that can predict relapse in UC patients, we are confident that our biomarker is targeting and unmet clinical need. We expect our biomarker to be commercialized as RT-PCR test kit with an annual market potential close to 700 MNOK. The route to commercialization will be licensing, most likely with diagnostic company. To position the project for partnering, a confirmatory clinical study including 100 patients will be performed. We expect the study to increase the clinical and commercial value of our biomarker and enable us to partner with a diagnostic company taking responsibility for further development.

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