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Digitizing Svalbard: Hopen's Digital Outcrop Model Data Acquisition Campaign and Virtual Field Guide Development for educational research

Awarded: NOK 99,999

This project’s data collection campaign will focus on digitizing the outcropping rocks surrounding the island of Hopen. I plan to visit the island in the summer field season of 2023. The field assistant and I will embark on a coast guard vessel in Tromsø between Mid-June to Mid-July, heading to Hopen. The dates for this trip are tentative and are fully dependent on the availability of the coast guard. At Hopen, the various outcrop locations will be reached by hiking. We will live and use the Hopen station as our base camp. Multi-day hikes to outcrops will be taken away (about 5 days) from the base camp in the north and south of the island. We will make use of the cabins owned and maintained by the meteorological station for these periods. For each outcrop location, we aim to acquire high-resolution photogrammetry and 360º sphere panorama images. We also plan to log/measure sections through the sedimentary succession and sample the stratigraphic intervals of interest (Figure1). The sedimentary logs together with high-resolution digital outcrop models will provide complementary research and education material to contextualize Hopen’s geology in the VFG.

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SSF-Svalbard Science Forum